Our Story

Karis Properties Denver is the accumulation of Mike's intimate industry knowledge, combined with a fresh new take on real estate by his South African partners, Betsie & Andre Strydom. Betsie & Andre have extensive experience and knowledge and run their own independent real estate brokerage from sunny South Africa.

Our Core Values:

Personal Growth

Most people will admit that whatever lifestyle they’ve settled for, they want more. They want to wake up every day knowing that there are other opportunities out there, that they still haven’t reached their full potential. Our Property Professionals are not yet done. The human desire for growth is perhaps manifested most in the realm of our Property Professional’s careers.


Our Team cares about our clients, stakeholders as well as each other. Therefore we imply all employees to work with the highest code of conduct to ensure all clients are treated exceptionally.

Have Fun

Studies have shown that workers who have fun at work are happier and more productive. They’re also more loyal to their employer. Therefore fun is an absolute must!

Personal & Professional Empowerment

As Property Professionals the goal is not to enrich the Company but to provide for ourselves. We unite the finest talents and encourage an entrepreneurial team spirit to attain our strategic goals. Everyone’s ideas count and we pride ourselves in our cultivation.


We are firm believers in training to optimize our work experience as well as our client service. We have regular team building events, as every employee forms part of our Company as a whole and everyone needs to know how and where they fit into our dynamic team.